Online screening of The Museum

A private online screening of The Museum with a talk by the film’s director Ran Tal and Sivan Eran-Levian, Head of Travelling Exhibitions for the Israel Museum

Искусство и культура

We would like to invite Manege’s audience to take part in a private online screening of The Museum, a documentary film in which director Ran Tal paints a complex portrait of the Israel Museum. The event is held in partnership with the General Consulate of the State of Israel in St Petersburg.

We eavesdrop on the curators, museum guards, archaeological conservators, visiting schoolchildren, and even the resident rabbi, who together form a kaleidoscopic picture of the way art, history, and national destiny intersect in the galleries.

Before the screening there will be an online conference in which participants will discuss Ran Tal’s film, exhibition practices, various narratives, and plans for the future of the Israel Museum. After the discussion, all participants will receive a link to watch the film (screening beginsat 7:45).

Online session participants:

Olga Slov, Consul General, the Consulate General of the State of Israel, St. Petersburg

Sivan Eran-Levian, Head of Traveling Exhibitions, Israel Museum

Ran Tal, Film Director

- Anna Kirikova, Director of International Initiatives, Manege Central Exhibition Hall

The conversation will take place on Zoom. Participation is free, but participants must first register and download the Zoom app. One hour before the discussion, a link to the Zoom conference will be sent to the e-mail indicated at registration. During the discussion participants are welcome to ask the speakers questions.



581 день назад
24 февраля 2021 19:00–21:00

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